1:  Hope Again Children Foundation has a very great need of funds, which could be used every day to buy and provide Healthcare needs, Food, Education needs, psychosocial support, clothes, beddings and shelter to over 88 orphans in the organization. 

2: Hope Again Children Foundation has a very great need of 7 classrooms, 4 domes, 2 staffrooms and 6 teachers’ quarters. Hope Again right now rents all buildings: - school, teacher’s quarters, orphanage cells.

4: Land: We need to secure land, big enough for all the elements of the centre, including a primary and secondary school, teacher housing, guest house, recreation centre, community centre, clinic, church, administrative building and vocational building We need Twenty acres, access to electricity, roads and flat enough for easy construction, typically cost over $100,000.  

3: Hope Again Foundation has a very great need for a pickup truck, which would be used every day to distribute food and supplies to struggling orphanages, for programs, transporting children & volunteers, provide medical care, and much more.
We are doing so much in our work and it is very difficult for our team without a vehicle.  It leverages people's valuable time, helps them be more effective, and enables many more good things to happen. It is a constant prayer request.
Pickup truck - $30,000

4. The school also needs a truck or school cab which will greatly help us in transporting our kids that live miles away from school. Like you know villages, kids move 3 miles every morning to school and in the evening back Home. It’s not safe for the kids to move alone and cross roads. So we really need a truck that will help us in school transport. It will also help in outreaches in the community. $50,000


 To make a donation email: riseagainuganda@gmail.com

Start an Hope Again Team.

HAF Teams are a great way for people to take initiative in volunteering.  An HAF Team is a group of people who meet to organize and raise awareness and funds for the H A Foundation.  You can meet as often as you like and wherever you like.  There are no limits to age or location--anyone can help make a difference!

How do I start an HAF Team?

Ask around your hometown, city, or school to see who would be interested.  Consider posting a flyer about your Team with meeting time, location, and contact information.  If you start a Team, send us with your information so we can let others know

The Team can be as formal or informal as you like.  An HAF Team could take the form of an after-school club, neighborhood group that meets in someone’s home, or public citywide chapter.  You can even give your group a unique name that fits your region.  It’s up to you!

What do HAF Teams do?

Our two greatest needs are always raising awareness and fundraising.  If you are starting an HAF Team, consider planning an educational campaign in your area to let others know about our work in Uganda. Teams can also plan events and fundraisers to benefit the His mercy work.  Don’t be afraid to get creative: An HAF Team is a great opportunity for people to take leadership roles in making a difference around the world.


It’s really nice to make a child jolly!!!!

Hope Again’s greatest need at the moment is financial resources to care for the needy orphans and run programs and projects. Financial donations can be made to

Hope Again Children Foundation Uganda”, please e-mail  Us for details.

                                            IN-KIND DONATIONS                                       

School Supplies:

Scholastic materials

Reading books, pens, pencils school bags, books, crayons, rulers, erasers, glue, writing paper, coloring paper, exercise books, children’s Bibles, story books, computer books, charts etc.

Religious materials

Bibles, Children’s Bibles, story books, coloring books, Christian Music CDs, Video tapes and VCDs, DVDs, Children’s Christmas Gift Boxes, childcare and children’s ministry training materials, etc.


Clothes of all sizes, school uniforms, shoes, skirts, blouses, dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, leather shoessports shoes, socks and stockings, t-shirts, towels, curtains, etc.


Blankets, Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, soap, lotions, ointments, tooth brush and tooth paste, etc. 

Games and Sports Equipment:

Soccer balls, volley balls, basket balls, table tennis, netballs, sports shoes                                                                                                                                                                                           

Outdoor sports wear, badminton, balloons, First AID Kits, etc.

Office Supplies and Furniture:

Computer Paper (A4 size white and/or colored), card papers,  files, envelops of all sizes, Paper Punk, Guillotines, Binders, empty CDs, flash discs, diskettes,  bookshelves, office desks, chairs,  filling cabinets, computer software, color printers, LaserJet ‘4’ Printer cartridges, etc.


PowerPoint Projector, Used Computers & Laptops, Diesel Generators, overhead projectors, CD Duplicators, used cell phones (card phones –should be un-locked so that it can be used with any network), etc.

Musical Instruments:

Acoustic/electric and bass guitars, piano keyboards, sound boards, amplifiers, microphones, microphone stands, loudspeakers, trumpets, saxophones, violin, acoustic/electric drum set, (Band Equipment), etc. 

Vehicles for Transportation:

4WD double cabin pickup trucks, cars, vans, buses, (preferably 4 Wheel Drive). One of the main challenges here is traveling on rough roads with unreliable, overcrowded buses and taxis that serve as public transportation.  It becomes especially challenging when traveling in the rural villages with almost no proper roads, and there are no buses. The only alternative means are “boda-boda” bicycles, which are not always safe. As such, Hope Again is in need of a reliable 4Wheel Drive Vehicle for safe travel and transportation

Become a Supporter
HAFU is always keen to encourage supporters in any way. Whether you own a Company and would like to support our charity, whether you are an individual thinking of undertaking a challenge, such as running a marathon and raising funds for a charity, or whether you wish to form a supporters group, we are always delighted to receive your support

Make a donation

Make a donation for children at Hope Again Children Foundation Uganda


And thank you for wanting to make a donation to give children a new home and a family.


Hope Again’s work is built upon the generosity of our donors all over the world and all online donations, large or small, regular or occasional, go towards helping us make a difference to children's lives.


                             To make a donation email: riseagainuganda@gmail.com


                   Please help us as we raise funds to give orphans hope and a future


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